fat loss factor cleanse review (by Mike Tamble)


Hi, my name is Mike Tamble from New Jersey, 29 years old. On the next article I’m about to review a diet program that I recently tried, called Fat Loss Factor, by Dr. Charles D.C and Lori A. After following the Fat Loss Factor program, I would say that generally this program is a working one. But you must follow it step by step in order to see results.

Well, let me start with telling you about myself, as I said my name is Mike, I had weight issues since I was a child. All my life I tried many different diet solutions, some were schemes, and some of them did helped me to lose weight, either way I got back all the pounds I’ve lost and even more sometimes, that’s because it was really hard to maintain the diet routine of exercise and not to eat the foods you like.

Before I began the fat loss factor program I was 213 pounds. About 7 weeks from that point, I lost about 32 pounds, and now my weight is 180.8 pounds. And I don’t think I’m about to gain this weight again because I’m not feeling any though routine, and I can still eat the foods that I like.


The program

Fat loss factor cleanse program starts with a “clean slate process for two weeks. In this stage, you only consume fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and food of this kind. This process is called detoxification where toxins that have accumulated in the body are removed and it is crucial because the body system is adjusting because of restriction on certain food.

After completing the diet program for 2 weeks, the weight loss diet program continues by implementing a more balanced eating plan and an intensive workout program. The fat loss factor cleanse plan has 3 different workout plan levels or stages; the beginner, intermediate and advanced. These levels prove the intensity of challenge you will encounter during the process. The author included basic to the most rigid cardio vascular exercises and full body strength exercises that serve as catalysts to fat burning. A 15 minute workout selection is also included in this program. It also contains recipe collections of dietary food you need in achieving your goals.

Protecting your body organs from diseases is very crucial to your well being. Fat loss factor cleanse has associated its program to detoxify one of the most essential organs of the body—the liver. Doctor Charles Livingston, a certified wellness practitioner and a nutritionist explained that this program helps detoxify parts of the body system specifically the liver. According to the specialist, the liver is used to break down toxic elements in the body such cholesterol and fats. There is a need for the liver to work well to break the cholesterol and fats that were accumulated in the body. During the first stage of the fat loss factor program, detoxification is integrated. This helps the liver to function its job of removing toxins in the body. The idea is to prepare the liver before starting the weight loss program.



In conclusion, I highly recommend for Fat Loss Factor program. It worked for me, and I’m sure it will work for others because there are different suited guides for man/woman/over age 45 and more. It helps you to maintain healthy routine and keep the weight you’ve been reached to. Not too complicated program, quiet easy to do, you can continue with eating the foods you like. And it gives you everything you need. After starting this course you can ask anything and even get a personal coaching from dr. Charles personal email, he check and respond very often. The program is riskless, you will get 100% refund if you are not happy with the results. But I tend to believe that you won’t need to ask for this refund.


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